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About the Club

Sitmangpong is the first and only authentic Muay Thai school in western Massachusetts, open to all levels and goals. 

Whether you have aspirations of fighting, are looking to get in shape, learn self-defense or are simply looking to learn something new, members will find a sense of community here. We limit the number of members at our club so that the members get more individual attention from our coaches. We are a private club and not open to the public. In order to start a free week trial you must contact us to set up an introductory phone call to see if we have any open spots available.

About Our Kru (Instructor)

Aaron Snow began his martial arts journey over 35 years ago learning boxing from his father, who competed in boxing while in the Army. Aaron's Grandfather was a professional boxer and his brothers competed in boxing as well. He found his Muay Thai

calling at a small club in Amherst that was being taught by an English Muay Thai fighter, which only lasted for a few months before the Englishman moved back to the UK.  His love for the sport really ignited when he attended  his first Muay Thai class at Boston Muay Thai with Kru Steve Soriano and Kru Bill Newcomb. This is where everything really clicked and started him on his training journey where he had the privilege to train with Thai legends such as Coban Lokchaomaesaitong, Samart Payakaroon, and Saekson Janjira. Over the past 25+ years in Muay Thai, Kru Aaron has trained all over the world and fought, refereed, judged, as well as coached dozens of fighters in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA.

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